7 Popular Bags Of Louis Vuitton Of All Time


As proof by price alone, designer handbags are an essential wardrobe staple in every woman’s life. Like a classic black blazer, a designer bag is another wardrobe staple that’s safe to industry trends. Of course, a Louis Vuitton bag is a perfect option. The iconic fashion house has been producing handbags since the late 19th century. Having a classic bag from Louis Vuitton is like possessing a piece of fashion history. If you love the timeless French brand, check out some of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags of all time.

LV Speedy

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The Speedy bag of Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic styles in the house. Designed in 1930 in answer to the decade’s fast transportation advances, the compact Speedy is easy to travel with, and spacious enough to keep your essentials. A designated “house icon,” the Louis Vuitton Speedy is an undoubted asset to any wardrobe.

LV Alma

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Designed in 1934 by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton’s grandson, the Alma bag was named after the Alma Bridge, which attaches two famous neighborhoods in Paris over the Seine. The Louis Vuitton Alma bag is the most structured, featuring protective studs, a sturdy leather bottom, and rolled leather handles.

LV Neverfull

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Introduced in 2007, the Neverfull bag of Louis Vuitton is a fan favorite. It instantly rose to fame and was recognized as one of the most popular LV bags and listed as one of the exclusive bags. It’s amazingly spacious, making it a perfect everyday bag.

LV Twist

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The latest addition is the Twist, a modern day-to-evening bag embellished with striking LV hardware. It’s equipped with a leather crossbody strap, and a short-chain hand strap, the LV Twist bag is as handy as it is stylish. It comes in dozens of colors and sizes and is built with signature Epi leather.

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LV Petite Boite Chapeau

Photo from eu.louisvuitton.com

While the Petite Boite Chapeau of Louis Vuitton bag will put you an awesome $4,600, it was invigorated by the brand’s iconic hatbox. A small and compact bag, this kind of Louis Vuitton purse made pretty a dash in the street style fuss when it was published in late 2018.

LV Looping Bag

Photo from ebay.com

The discontinued Looping Bag of Louis Vuitton is a sought-after vintage piece. Released in 2002 for a relatively affordable $1,030, the Looping Bag goes for roughly $400 to $900 on resale sites like Rebag, The Real Real, and eBay. With the house’s classic monogram coated canvas and an arched vachetta leather handle, the Louis Vuitton Looped bag will never run out of style.

LV Pochette Accessoires Bag

Photo from eu.louisvuitton.com

The Pochette Accessoires bag of Louis Vuitton is a somewhat larger version of a toiletries bag. Outfitted with the chain strap or leather, the Pochette Accessoires are big enough to keep a Zippy Wallet and other little essentials.  You can still shop this bag on their website and is an extremely sought-after vintage piece from LV collections. You can get this for as low as $400 online.

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